Practice Development Plan

Access - length of wait for routine appointment-. We are reviewing our appointment system,looking at becoming a training practice,expanding the use of MHOL. We are also texting patients the day before their appointment to try to cut our DNA rate.

Planned care/referral management - Plan to reduce. - We will use no tears medication review and exercise referral programmes. We have also tightened up our handover process to the medical secretaries.

Unscheduled care - We continue to monitor our rates of Asthma/Copd Admission and also monitor A and E and act on any trends

National clinical priorities

End of life care - We identify all deaths in the year and look at ways of improving the process and discuss with our network colleagues.

Cancer - We look at all cancer cases and review them using analysis tool and summarise and share our learning points

Frailty and polypharmacy- we identify all patients over 85 and on 6 medications and review them to check that all medications are appropriate and working correctly in at least 60% of cohort

Workforce planning - We continue to look at staffing and succession planning on retirement.

Premises - continue with minor repairs on the surgery

If you have any comments please let the surgery know.

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